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Please be aware that any orders placed from EU Countries will now have to pay Import Duties and VAT. Please bare this in mind before ordering as I will not refund the Postage if the order is returned to me.

A beautiful Natural Emerald and Black Opal Bracelet with flat Emerald beads and sterling silver Bali Beads.

The bracelet measures 8.1 inches, the inner circumference measures 7.1 inches at the largest the largest wrist size it would fit is 6.8 inches, the emarald beads measure between 7mm and 4mm, the Black opals measure 5mm, the Bali Bead measures 8mm.

As with all my pieces the stones have been charged with the sun & moon light and have been infused with healing energy from a healing session with me as I am a accredited healer.

Natural Emerald and Black Opal Bracelet Sterling Silver Bali Beads

£100.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price
  • Emerald is known as the stone of the heart. Here we mean that Emerald is related to the qualities of universal love and mercy, and not so much to the kind of love often seen in personal relationships. Emerald is a gemstone of the Chinese goddess Quin Yin, representing universal love and inner beauty that is not tangible. This is a very powerful crystal, a symbol of wisdom, and abundance.
    Emerald stones are exceptional due to their features which promote emotional and spiritual balance. It increases the energy level in all the bodily organs. Today, this is the most distinguished characteristic of this precious gem. It is naturally connected to the heart - anahata chakra, which alongside other functions, balances the energy flow between the upper and lower three chakras. Emerald placed on the heart area brings emotional balance. 

    Emerald is thought to be a good stone for relationships, it is believed to bring domestic happiness to encourage unconditional love and to promote friendship. It is a useful crystal to use during a team exercise, as it is said to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation within a group of people.

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