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My Story

Hi my name is Sharon I design/create all the jewellery you will find here, I currently reside in Brighton, UK with my husband and son, we live within a short distance from the seafront with a beautiful inspiring seaview from our home.


The story of how I began making jewellery was a journey of self exploration in Meditation and Healing. 

I was born with gifts they run in my family, this made me very different from everyone else  as a result I have always been a lone wolf. 

Along my journey I have developed new gifts as my awareness grew and with a spontaneous awakening of Kundalini energy I saw and knew things that I didn't before, the universe is a magical and amazing place and when the veil is lifted all the secrets of the universe are slowly revealed to you.

Energy is in everything, we are energy, everything affects everything and everyone, gemstones are pure energy, I do believe that gemstones are yet to be activated fully and when they are they will change the world.


I have loved semiprecious gemstones since I was a child and was able to feel the powerful energy that comes from them. I wanted to be able to help people with my gifts, since childhood I have had a longing to help those in need so I became a Accredited crystal healer in 2007 and then I started a 2 year Spiritual Healing course in 2009 and became a Accredited Spiritual Healer in May 2011. I worked in a healing clinic for 2 years as a part of my training.


At this point I started to make jewellery as I wanted to incorporate the spiritual healing and crystal healing together.

I started off making beaded bracelets & necklaces I then moved onto wire wrapping. At this point I wanted to make more complicated designs that needed to be soldered, so I started to learn to become a Metalsmith/Silversmith.

 I have learnt everything I know from just practicing and giving things a go, this has been my whole ethos just give it a go and see what happens, and this is how I continue to learn and progress to this day.


I get my inspiration for my pieces from the stones themselves, my meditations and spiritual experiences during them. 

Each piece is made for that one special person, I do beleieve that person will know this is thier piece when they see it, this bond cannot be broken.
When working on the pieces I go into a meditative state and find that my eyes are out of focus looking past the piece itself at times, it's as if someone works through me creating the piece.
I like the freedom to create what I see in my mind and the pieces evolve as I make them, I say a prayer/mantra as I make the pieces asking for the owner to be blessed and protected.




Labradorite Ring Stone Setting Tolls, Diamond Ring, Peridot Ring
Sharon from Soul Light Vibrations
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