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Unique Original Designs

Please be aware that any orders placed from EU Countries will now have to pay Import Duties and VAT. Please bare this in mind before ordering as I will not refund the Postage if the order is returned to me.

A beautiful Ornate Ametrine Crystal ball Pendant encased in a floral patterned Ornate Dome decorated with a Flower, Bee and Fire Opal.

The pendant measures length 40mm width 27mm. The Fire Opal measures 5mm.This is a Stunning one of a kind design.

As with all my pieces the stones have been charged with the sun & moon light and have been infused with healing energy from a healing session with me as I am an accredited Healer.

Ornate Ametrine Crystal Ball Pendant with Opal, Bee and Flower

  • Ametrine is a rare and unusual stone which occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. Because the color zoning effect is natural, no two ametrines will ever be exactly alike.
    A POWERFUL COMBINATION stone, sometimes called "golden amethyst" or "trystine."
    Believed to be of great assistance in meditative states, ametrine raises consciousness and understanding. Imparting the qualities of spiritual clarity, compassion, and insight, ametrine's special gifts for intuitive work act on a person's ability to reconcile seemingly conflicting impressions and information. Sure to remove energy blockages, its effectiveness can be startling. 

    Because its energy is so powerful, some may prefer to use ametrine with an additional grounding stone, as its unique clarifying qualities can prove very intense. Its extraordinarily high vibration strips away old prejudices and beliefs and can prove uncomfortable for those who are not fully prepared for its power.

    Ametrine is definitely the stone to use if you're interested in building a secure financial base. Amethyst helps you visualize and clarify your goals, and citrine helps to manifest your vision into the physical world.

    However, this is a slow empire-building sort of energy rather than the kind to get you out of a tight spot when the rent is due. Use it to make long-term changes, as an investment adviser, and in making critical financial decisions, such as closing on a mortgage or taking out a loan to expand your existing business. Especially good for forming business partnerships of all kinds, ametrine can be of great use for those involved in mergers and acquisitions. It will help ensure your decisions are the right ones and will continue to keep those revenues flowing far into the future. Above all, ametrine is a stone of abundance. Its unique energy, revealed in its unique crystal structure, will awaken you to the simple fact that opportunity, prosperity, and the ability to create good fortune are all too frequently right under our noses.

    Ametrine is fast and effective in its action, and is particularly useful in long-standing illness as it brings insight into causes of dis-ease. Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness. This stone facilitates and protects during astral travel *and relieves psychic attack*. It clears stress and tension from the head, calming the mind and bringing greater focus to meditation. Ametrine opens the third eye, promoting healing and divination. It unites masculine and feminine energies.

    Psychologically, Ametrine enhances compatibility and acceptance of others. It shows where everyone is linked, overcoming prejudice. An extremely energetic stone, it stimulates creativity and supports taking control of one's own life. It is a stone that can overcome apparent contradictions.
    Mentally, Ametrine brings clarity, harmonizing perception and action. It strengthens concentration and aids thinking things through, encouraging exploration of all possibilities, bringing creative solutions. It takes the intellect beyond everyday reality to link into higher awareness.
    Emotionally, Ametrine releases blockages, including negative emotional programming and expectations, facilitating transformation, bringing insight into underlying causes of emotional distress. Ametrine promotes optimism and a well-being that is not disturbed by stressful external influences.
    Ametrine gets to the bottom of things. Its powerful cleansing properties disperse negativity from the aura and toxins from the body. 
    An exceptional blood cleanser and energizer, it regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system, aids the autonomic nervous system and physical maturation, stabilizes DNA/RNA, and oxygenates the body. Ametrine heals chronic fatigue syndrome, burning sensations, depression, gastric disturbances and ulcers, fatigue and lethargy, tension headaches, and stress-related dis-ease. It releases blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies.


    Opal amplifies traits, whether those traits are good or bad, and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. It enhances self worth, confidence and self-esteem, and helps you to understand your full potential. It also brings lightness and spontaneity. The stone is said to help stimulate originality and dynamic creativity, encourages an interest in the arts, and aids in accessing one’s true self. Because the stone is absorbent and reflective, it helps you to pick up thoughts and feelings, amplify them, and return them to their source. It is a karmic stone- it encourages putting out positive emotions and teaches that what you put out comes back to you. The opal is also a representative of justice and harmony, and is a protective stone in dangerous places.
    Opal has always been associated with love and passion, as well as desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. It can also act as an emotional stabilizer. Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.
    Opals have been said to be extremely beneficial in many physical realms as well, such as in treating infections and fevers. It is also said to help strengthen the memory. Furthermore, it purifying blood and kidneys, regulates insulin, eases childbirth, and alleviates PMS. It is also beneficial to the eyes, especially as an elixir. Overall, the stone is said to be the most useful in preventing bad health. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body be resilient to infection.
    Opal has also been known to help those who are suffering from chemical dependencies. The stone gives the wearer strength and the ability to take back control over their lives.

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