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Sharon's stunning jewellery is all designed and lovingly handmade in her home in Brighton.

Sharon is an accredited Spiritual Healer and each piece is imbued with healing energy during the making process and after.

Gemstones bestow upon us the lifeforce of the universe and each jewel blends that energy with our own. 

Sharon captures that energy in each piece she creates so you can carry it with you.

Stacker Rings


Topaz and Tourmaline Ring


Rainbow Moonstone Ring


Claire P

An amazing ring with a high quality flashy labradorite set in a uniquely beautiful setting. The love and attention to detail that went into its creation is obvious. Every time I look at it, it feels like I get a shot of healing energy - just fabulous. Thank you Sharon :)

Victoria G

I've been purchasing Sharon's beautiful pieces of art since 2014. Every ring or pendant I've purchased has spoken to me. I see one and it just stands out and calls to me like a magic singing bird. When I get my package in the mail it's like Christmas to me. I've actually lost count because I've purchased so many pieces. Sharon I look forward to many more years of art work. Thank you so much for being amazingly talented.

Julia N

Thank you Sharon for another amazing pendant! I completely fell in love with my Rutilated Quartz point as soon as it was listed on your website & my lovely Hubby made a gift of it to me. I feel honoured and very happy to be wearing another of your beautiful creations! Thanks again Sharon x

Thanks! Message sent.

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