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Unique Original Designs

A beautiful sparkling faceted Natural Ruby encrusted on a floral sterling silver patterned Heart, the back of the pendant has a brushed finish. A pair of beautiful Ruby Stud Earrings completes the set.

The Rubies are natural and unheated so they do have some minor surface scratches due to not being highly processed like heated Rubies.

The pendant measures 26mm x 14mm the Ruby on the pendant measures 6mm the chain measures 16 inches.
The Earrings measure 5mm.

Please Note due to U.K. hygiene regulations Earrings are non-refundable.

As with all my pieces the stones have been charged with the sun & moon light and have been infused with healing energy from a healing session with me as I am a accredited healer.

Patterned Natural Ruby Heart Pendant and Earring Set

£160.00 Regular Price
£140.00Sale Price
  • Ruby stone stimulates the heart chakra in a way like no other gemstone. It helps you to set your basic value system and decide what is acceptable in your world and what is not. This is the pure value system that is unadulterated by the heart aches and chest pains the world dishes out at times.

    The protective abilities of the Ruby stone may be why it was so often used in the breast plates and shields of Kings and Knights of old. In our modern times, it makes an excellent stone to wear as a shielding stone. Simply carry or wear a stone so you can easily get to it and when you feel the need for protection, grasp the stone and visualize a bright red light shining out from it and surrounding your entire being.
    You can also pre-program a ruby stone as a shield so it can send out protective energies to surround you at all times. This is an especially good way to help prevent psychic attacks.
    The instances of life that are the most troublesome to us, often happen for a specific reason, a life lesson needing to be learned or to bring us back into alignment with our true selves and the needs and desires we are able to fill in the world. 
    Ruby stones can help you see the lessons you need to learn before the turmoil hits in our lives. Of course each instance is different but occasionally we can keep from having to deal with these events.
    It is believed by some cultures that if you own a ruby stone, you will never lose your wealth and is often used in work to ensure the stability of your income.
    To help improve your ability to enter a Lucid Dream State, wear or carry a ruby stone during your attempts. It helps you to remain lucid while entering the dream state and increases your ability to control the dream without slipping into a normal sleep pattern.



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